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February 2nd, 2015

03:38 pm - Feeling overwhelmed

On Monday my 14 year old son thought he was grown and took off his bike without telling me. His girlfriend calls but I miss the call because I was doing laundry and cleaning a bit before everyone else got home. I go look fur him to tell him his girlfriend called and to call her back. Nowhere to be found. So I call my boyfriend to come home and edit for the other kids to get home so I can go look for him. In the meantime I called his girlfriend to see if snuck off to her house of course she said no. So once my boyfriend got home I left to drive around to find him. Drive to his girlfriend's house no answer. Didn't see him anywhere. So I go back home and he shows up 15 min later. Then on Wednesday I get a call from thr school saying my son and his girlfriend had sex Monday and she thinks she's pregnant. It wss explained to him she wouldn't know yet. Come to find out she said there's a chance because she's not taking her bc! WTF is wrong with these kids? She's 15 my son is 14. I really thought we had enough conversations but apparently not enough....now it's a waiting game.im too young to be a grandma. I'm not even 31 yet!

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January 30th, 2015

09:51 am - Early Miscarriage?
So this is my chart.
We are TTC, we had sex the three days before ovulation, so I thought I was pregnant, but kept getting BFNs, then my period was at least 2 days late. I usually start on 12-13 dpo and started it on 16 dpo.

I starting having serious cramps on Friday which was 11dpo. Then wednesday, 16 dpo, I woke up at like 3/4am to pee and took my temp just because and it was low, 96.7, but then woke up at usual time, 5:30am and it was back up to what it had been every other dpo so far in the cycle, around 97.4.

As the day went on, Wednesday 16dpo, my cramps got worse and worse, and then AF came that afternoon. But the catch is that my temp is still high. Normal pre-ovulation is 96.5-97.0. Right now my temps are high like 97.2, 3 days into having AF, which is more of a post-ovulation temp. I know that every cycle is different but for the last 2 years, my cycles have been just about the same, and this is very different.

I am thinking it is an early miscarriage but wanted to see what others thought!

BBT Chart

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January 3rd, 2015

05:19 pm - Herbs and supplements to regulate hormones
This probably isn't quite the best community to post in - if anyone knows of a more suitable one that's active, let me know - but I know you here and at least we all do charting.

I'm charting for health, I've got a copper IUD for contraception. My cycles are mildly irregular, but on average I ovulate on CD18 and have a 9-10 day luteal phase. My temps don't drop until a few days into my period. Interestingly, my menstrual migraines now occur at that point, when my bleeding's getting heavier and my temps are plummeting, whereas twenty years ago (I'm 37) I was getting premenstrual migraine, which is more usual. I also have vulvodynia which flares up before and around my period, that's the main problem, plus varying levels of premenstrual breast tenderness and anxiety. I'm hoping that if I can get my hormones balanced, these symptoms will improve. I've been having weekly treatments of myofascial release and trigger point therapy for a few months now, sometimes including the sort of massage she does for fertility treatment on the basis that it should hopefully help me too, and my ovulation date has been more like CD14, with a 13 day luteal phase, so that at least is improving. But I still get the symptoms.

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March 29th, 2014

10:41 am - Tempdrop- a tracker that temps while you sleep

A new company is running an Indiegogo campaign to fund the making of a temp reading device that works while you sleep.  There are a few trackers in Europe like this but they are far more expensive.


I figured some people here might be interested; I've been dreaming of something like this for years.  But I'm a bit concerned that it uses skin temperature and I wonder reliable it's interpretation of the 'true BBT' is.

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July 16th, 2014

08:14 pm - Smartphone thermometer

I'm not trying to refer anyone to it (but if y'all want to group to get free thermometers, go for it)

Has anyone tried this? Does anyone know if it is integrated with fertility tracking apps?

Does anyone want to try it? or would you rather have one that you plug in to the phone after you get out of bed?

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July 8th, 2014

11:09 am - Help with determining when I ovulated
My chart is doing funky things this month (I feel like charts do funky things every month though, amirite?). Generally I ovulate anywhere from CD16 to CD19. This month, I originally thought I Oed on CD17. Then there was this crazy temperature drop below my CL on 4dpo (which is most likely a crazy estrogen surge or maybe due to the fact I drank the night before, even though the other spot I have marked as drinking the night before elevated the following temperature -- whatever, bodies are weird), and even though a part of me is like "well, that's strange, that's the first time in 2 years of charting that that's ever happened" I'm trying to remind myself I'm TTA and that we're using condoms on fertile days for this (though there may be some unsafe fooling around beforehand, not with any actual finishing inside me, but I have heard stories of women getting pregnant on precum).

Anyway, it's probably just an estrogen surge, but the drop below CL confused FF and I went in to override it with my assumed original O date of CD17. I just wanted to see if other FAMers were in agreement with my interpretation (since I've never really gone in to manually place a coverline, I just wanted to be sure I was doing it right). Thanks!

My Ovulation Chart

ETA Also, I marked yesterday's CM as watery, though I sometimes have a hard time determining what actually qualifies as watery CM. It was all hanging out on my cervix (which was pretty wet), though on my fingers it looked very thin and slightly tinted white. It wasn't thick and creamy/lotiony or what would otherwise be obvious creamy CM. Would you call this watery as well?

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June 16th, 2014

12:15 pm
Is the temp dip when ovulation is actually happening?

Cause my temp was low this morning and I have some pangs and I'm HOPING it's actually ovulation, but kind of peeved because I'm not sure I'll be able to get some sex in.

I had given up for this month and have only ovulated once in the past 8 months so this is frustrating!!


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June 7th, 2014

06:44 pm - Multiload cu375 (Copper IUD) and FAM used simultaneously?
Hi, there! I'm 21-years-old, nulliparous, and in a monogamous relationship. I just had the Multiload (U-shaped Copper IUD in Australia) inserted three days ago after being on Mirena for one month. Previously, I have used Levlen and Implanon, and Mirena was the final straw for me in terms of hormonal BC because I simply do not do well with hormones, and sex was just unenjoyable and dry for me. I made the decision with my BF to go hormone-free and get the copper IUD, but I'm also scared about it at the same time, as I understand the efficacy is lower than the Mirena, and that pregnancy does often happen on the Copper IUD. I bought a copy of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" this morning, and have been drinking it in as fast as I can in hopes of using FAM simultaneously with my Copper IUD. My question to you girls is, is it possible to chart cycles and determine ovulation with a Copper IUD in place? I'm so nervous about trusting only the IUD as I'm so young and don't plan on having children (and don't want to consider abortions is unplanned pregnancies occur) for several more years. Has anyone in this forum successfully used FAM with their Copper IUD to avoid pregnancy? I've heard Copper IUDs can change cervical mucous, but is it still possible to feel the level of your cervix to determine whether or not you're fertile? Please write your experiences if you can! Sincerely, FAM newbie
Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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April 22nd, 2014

01:54 pm - Is it happening?
According to my previous charts, I haven't ovulated in about 4-5 months. I switched to vaginal temping this month too (at the beginning) because the temps seemed more stable.
This month....looks kind of promising, doesn't it?

My Ovulation Chart

BUT - please deny my fears....if one were to have a vaginal infection (BV), would it cause the temps to rise? I'm slightly paranoid that my temps are only high because I might be battling another case of BV.

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April 20th, 2014

11:35 am - Question about fallback rise
So I've been looking at my charts for the past year and a half (I like to look at the whole set of them and compare them -- it's fun for me :P ) and it suddenly hit me that I think all of my charts have a fallback rise pattern to them. It's never really something I gave much thought to, because in terms of using FAM to avoid pregnancy, it doesn't really influence my interpretation much. At any rate, I was wondering if you wonderful FAM-ers wouldn't mind taking a peek at my charts (I know that you can only ever see 2 charts at a time using the FF link, but if you can imagine, ALL of my charts have that random dip usually around 4-6dpo (which is awful for someone like me who is TTA, but also is feeling particularly clucky)) and telling me if it looks like a fallback rise pattern to you all. I'm wondering mostly for my own curiosity and understanding of my fertility/body. Thanks! :)

My chart

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