Laura la Reine (lauralareine) wrote in fam,

Window of time for thermal shift after end of EWCM?

This is my second month charting off the pill, and I have a question. What is a typical amount of time between the end of EWCM and the thermal shift? The day before yesterday I had a TON of EWCM and my temperature was 36.45 (Centegrade). Yesterday my temperature was 36.30 and I had only a little EWCM. Today I'm back to sticky mucus, so it would seem that yesterday was my Peak Day. Because of that it would have seemed logical for me to have my thermal shift this morning too. But instead this morning my temperature was down to 36.25. Is this normal?

(Sorry I don't have a chart to post! I chart on paper.)

I should mention that my fiancé and I are abstaining until I get the hang of this, so there was no semen that I might have mistaken for EWCM. I had a very obvious temperature shift last month so I did ovulate last cycle, but my CM was still so screwed up from coming off the pill that it was sticky all month. This is my first crack at figuring out how temping and CM work together.
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