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February 2nd, 2015

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03:38 pm - Feeling overwhelmed

On Monday my 14 year old son thought he was grown and took off his bike without telling me. His girlfriend calls but I miss the call because I was doing laundry and cleaning a bit before everyone else got home. I go look fur him to tell him his girlfriend called and to call her back. Nowhere to be found. So I call my boyfriend to come home and edit for the other kids to get home so I can go look for him. In the meantime I called his girlfriend to see if snuck off to her house of course she said no. So once my boyfriend got home I left to drive around to find him. Drive to his girlfriend's house no answer. Didn't see him anywhere. So I go back home and he shows up 15 min later. Then on Wednesday I get a call from thr school saying my son and his girlfriend had sex Monday and she thinks she's pregnant. It wss explained to him she wouldn't know yet. Come to find out she said there's a chance because she's not taking her bc! WTF is wrong with these kids? She's 15 my son is 14. I really thought we had enough conversations but apparently not enough....now it's a waiting game.im too young to be a grandma. I'm not even 31 yet!

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