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June 7th, 2014

06:44 pm - Multiload cu375 (Copper IUD) and FAM used simultaneously?
Hi, there! I'm 21-years-old, nulliparous, and in a monogamous relationship. I just had the Multiload (U-shaped Copper IUD in Australia) inserted three days ago after being on Mirena for one month. Previously, I have used Levlen and Implanon, and Mirena was the final straw for me in terms of hormonal BC because I simply do not do well with hormones, and sex was just unenjoyable and dry for me. I made the decision with my BF to go hormone-free and get the copper IUD, but I'm also scared about it at the same time, as I understand the efficacy is lower than the Mirena, and that pregnancy does often happen on the Copper IUD. I bought a copy of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" this morning, and have been drinking it in as fast as I can in hopes of using FAM simultaneously with my Copper IUD. My question to you girls is, is it possible to chart cycles and determine ovulation with a Copper IUD in place? I'm so nervous about trusting only the IUD as I'm so young and don't plan on having children (and don't want to consider abortions is unplanned pregnancies occur) for several more years. Has anyone in this forum successfully used FAM with their Copper IUD to avoid pregnancy? I've heard Copper IUDs can change cervical mucous, but is it still possible to feel the level of your cervix to determine whether or not you're fertile? Please write your experiences if you can! Sincerely, FAM newbie
Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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April 22nd, 2014

01:54 pm - Is it happening?
According to my previous charts, I haven't ovulated in about 4-5 months. I switched to vaginal temping this month too (at the beginning) because the temps seemed more stable.
This month....looks kind of promising, doesn't it?

My Ovulation Chart

BUT - please deny my fears....if one were to have a vaginal infection (BV), would it cause the temps to rise? I'm slightly paranoid that my temps are only high because I might be battling another case of BV.

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April 20th, 2014

11:35 am - Question about fallback rise
So I've been looking at my charts for the past year and a half (I like to look at the whole set of them and compare them -- it's fun for me :P ) and it suddenly hit me that I think all of my charts have a fallback rise pattern to them. It's never really something I gave much thought to, because in terms of using FAM to avoid pregnancy, it doesn't really influence my interpretation much. At any rate, I was wondering if you wonderful FAM-ers wouldn't mind taking a peek at my charts (I know that you can only ever see 2 charts at a time using the FF link, but if you can imagine, ALL of my charts have that random dip usually around 4-6dpo (which is awful for someone like me who is TTA, but also is feeling particularly clucky)) and telling me if it looks like a fallback rise pattern to you all. I'm wondering mostly for my own curiosity and understanding of my fertility/body. Thanks! :)

My chart

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March 13th, 2014

11:05 pm - Which day did I ovulate?
So I need some help with my chart interpretation, FAMers. You can find it here. I know it's a bit tricky since I don't have CM and cervical position charted for this whole cycle (I've been getting admittedly lazy with it again -- oops), but I was hoping you all could help me out with the data given. I'm tempted to put O at CD15, especially with the presence of EWCM, but that dip at CD9 followed by the raised flat temperatures is also confusing as well (I have Oed that early in the past, but it was only one cycle in my two years of charting, and that was the month I came off HBC -- I haven't been on any hormonal anything since). So do you guys think it's just a fluke that first part of my cycle? I have all my other normal symptoms of O, but unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to exactly when they started, so it's quite possible they could have started before CD15 (though if so, I don't think it was too long before then). Thanks in advance for any input! :) (Also, as a side note, for whatever reason, FF has CD17 as an open circle, and I can't figure out why; I've double checked the time and it's set at the same time as all my other closed circles, so I think the software is just a little wonky for some reason. Please note that the point for CD17 should be closed.)

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March 11th, 2014

03:20 pm - Is there a correlation between luteal phase length and how heavy your period is?
I've always been a light bleeder, and I've had a short luteal phase for a long time as well. The other day I was looking at a chart of how your hormones change during your cycle, and it struck me that perhaps the short luteal phase means that my uterine lining hasn't built up as much, and that's why I don't have heavy periods. Certainly women with very long, often anovulatory cycles are known for having heavy periods. So here is a poll to see what turns up in this forum. You should be putting three answers for the first question, and then only answering one other question.

PollCollapse )

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February 24th, 2014

11:35 am - Not Ovulating
So, I've been temping for about 3 months now and I don't seem to be ovulating.
We want to get pregnant (like...now) so I'd like to get moving on figuring out what's wrong.

Should I just see a ObGyn or should I see a Reproductive Endocrinologist??

I was having 27-29 day periods up until about October when they jumped to 32-36 days. (but I d0 have one every month.) No history of anything wrong, reproductively. But I am overweight (obese based on BMI) and will be 35 in July.

Any advice on what kind of Dr. to see?

Apparently I can only share 2 charts - Here is Dec and Jan.
My Ovulation Chart

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January 23rd, 2014

12:39 pm
My temps have continued to stay elevated, except for a bit of a dip yesterday! I know some things can change the accuracy of your temps, and was wondering how much the house heater being 3 degrees lower than it usually is could have messed with that. I'm 11dpo now, so it could very well have been an implantation dip, but I didn't get one with my miscarriage and I'm pretty sure if I implanted, it was at 6-7dpo.

Anyway, despite wearing the same clothes and blankets, the heater was 3 degrees lower (shakes fist at boys!) and I woke up pretty chilly. That also could have caused (or exaggerated) the dip right? It's still in the same range as the other high temps in my seemingly triphasic chart. I temp at 6am every morning.

I ordered some of those very sensitive (10miu) strips that will arrive today. I may break down and take one this evening if I can hold it long enough.

I've been having crazy detailed dreams for the last two days, which I never do. I actually have RLS so I very rarely dream at all, certainly not this detailed or for as long. Between the bloating, tugging and poking in my very lower abdominal area, dreams, horrible gas, stuffy nose, and OPKs getting darker (allllmost positive), I think I may have a shot this month.

ETA: I tested: positive!

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January 21st, 2014

04:05 pm - Coverlines
This morning, after charting my temp, I have coverlines on my chart (they've been there for about 4-5 days.)

And now this afternoon they've disappeared. I haven't made any changes between this morning and this afternoon (besides entering cramps in).

Where'd they go?? Why did they disappear?!

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08:40 am
Hi everyone,
I thought I would ovulate yesterday, because all my signs were indicating that, plus I got a "peak" fertility reading on the Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation detector, as well as a positive "internet cheapie" OPK on Sunday, and my cervix was high and soft, plus my cervical fluid was very stretchy. But then I temped this morning when my partner woke up at 6:15, and my temperature had gone DOWN 0.1 degree from yesterday. I rolled over and went back to sleep for almost an hour, and when I re-temped, it was 98.1. Can having woken up for only long enough to take your temperature really change your reading that much? I want to count the second reading, so I know that I ovulated, but I also feel like that's cheating! I often have EWCF in the morning of the day after I ovulate, but then it dries up later in the day, so the fertile CF isn't something I usually count after I've seen a clear temperature shift, but this temperature thing is bothering me. We're TTC and things have been stressful, so after this month we're taking a break until I finish school in May, and I really want this month to count! We had to inseminate on Saturday because FedEx is RUINING MY PLAN, so if I didn't ovulate yesterday, this try might not count at all. Below thecutCollapse )
I have screenshots of my chart with the original temperature and the later (closer to normal time) temperature. Can you folks help me figure out what's going on? Thanks!

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January 20th, 2014

01:32 pm

Does this look triphasic to you? I had some pink CM (for the first time ever) yesterday and I'm SUPER gassy and smelly today.

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